Teaching kids to read doesn’t have to be difficult

Without proper tools and motivation, this labour of love is often better left to the experts. Fortunately for us, we started early for both of our kids with lots of fun bedtime reading, learning books and plenty of story-telling.

This we hoped to help with their transition to Kindergarten.

As for our son’s reading development, soon after starting Kindergarten he would come home with words on cut-out bits of paper and asked to read/recite and return back to class the next day. He was tested once a week and if read well, he would receive a new list of words to learn.

But what was all of this for and what are Sight Words?

Sight Words. The recognition and recall of words through sight by reinforcing those hard to say and most frequently used words

Given both my husband and I had varying backgrounds in technology and design, it was only a matter of time before the idea came to us. So inspired by our son, we began work to digitise the way kids learn Sight Words.

Our aim – To transform this paper-based program into a robust learning platform that kids will actually want to use.

In truth, we didn’t really understand the gravity of this undertaking.

On the development side, we spent many months collaborating with our son’s school; learning from parents; and working directly with the kids on prototype designs and beta testing. All done before any core code was written.

Beyond the actual app development work, we soon became our own lawyers reviewing contracts and drafting statements of work; recruiters to outsource for skill sets well outside our expertise; accountants in managing the books; and research analysts to familiarise ourselves with other literacy programs.

Pocket Sight Words makes reading fun

Fast forward to today and we’re incredibly humbled to see Pocket Sight Words used globally by so many people. Added to that, Pocket Sight Words was recently certified and rated by the Educational App Store with 5 Stars!

“Pocket Sight Words is a very well designed app that has a lot of extremely positive features to it.”

And if you consider where Brad and I so humbly started; we built this app as parents with school aged kids and full time jobs. To see the birth of a simple idea grow into something that will hopefully have an impact on future generations is totally cool.

Pocket Sight Words app features

What makes Pocket Sight Words unique?
  • The use of bright colours, illustrations and rewards make it a really fun way for kids to practise Sight Words at home or in the classroom.
  • With over 500 (built in) unique sounds, words and phrases, kids can learn without a parent/guardian supervision.
  • Our Pocket Sight Words program will compliment any Literacy program used by schools.

Back to our son’s school, well they’ve now fully transitioned to our tailored Pocket Sight Words program for all Kindergarten and Year 1 students.

Why? Because after trialling the program in 2016, we were able to:

  • Validate that students were learning to read quicker, meaning more proficient readers from as early as Kindergarten, and
  • Show a positive flow-on effect in other areas of literacy such as hand writing and creative writing.

Though still on our journey, the fundamentals of the app are in place and we’ve done what we set out to achieve. Teaching kids to read, no longer needs to be a ‘labour‘ of love. In fact, learning to read for kids, just got a whole lot easier!

Parents – If you’re thinking about starting to teach your child to read (ie pre-kindy) or if you’re just looking a fun and easy way to improve your child’s reading efficiency, then we recommend you download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Educators –Ask us how Pocket Sight Words can help boost the literacy development of students in your school/classroom. 

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