New you…or still a work in progress?

If you’re anything like me, you will have meticulously thought through your New Years resolutions.

Visualising what the new fitter, healthier you would look like. Day dreaming about your new house, holiday, job or car. Picturing yourself exercising more, eating better, more time with the kids and working less.

But… if you really are anything like me, then you’ve re-prioritised ‘other life stuff‘ before even starting. Too many bad days at work, an injury or two, ice cream, Netflix… or any other lame excuse. And now we’re several months into the ‘not so’ new year and somehow you’ve managed to do the complete opposite.

I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work

Thomas A. Edison

You’ve put on weight. You’re at your most unhealthiest and now you spend more time at work and less with the kids.

While I silently revel in the fact that I’m not alone, my guilty conscious does eat away at me. And at this point, giving up on any resolution seems the easier option. But is it..?

What’s the point of a new years resolution in the first place? 

I guess the point of a new years resolution is to work on a better you by setting goals aimed at breaking bad habits. Like being in a constant Work in Progress state.

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose 

Lyndon B. Johnson

Perhaps that’s where I’ve gone wrong. With so many areas of improvement, did I set too many big ticket goals all at once or set them with unrealistic timelines? Or have I just continued the bad habit of making bad habits?

So how do I break the bad habit mould?

Guess it all comes down to mindset and how you approach it:

  • New You resolutions should be iterative and constantly evolving
  • Breaking bad habits won’t happen overnight, and that’s ok
  • Lost of smaller, more targeted goals help work towards the better you.

In any case, the way I choose to look at New Years resolutions will never be the same. So from this point forward, my New Me will be in a constant Work in Progress… and I kinda dig that 🙂

What was your Work in Progress goal? If one of your goals was the help improve your child’s reading, then perhaps Pocket Sight Words can help with those small steps and who know, it might just help them to become a more fluent, confident young reader.